Patent For Textile-based Electrodes Awarded

Textronics has received patent approval for "stretchy" textile electronics that can be integrated into clothing to monitor certain body functions.

Textronics is using its invention into its "Numetrex" line of heart monitoring fitness apparel, which includes the "Heart Sensing Sports Bra", the "Heart Sensing Racer Tank" and the "Cardio Shirt".

According to the manufacturer, the technology eliminates the need to wear monitoring chest straps that tend to chafe, slip and loosen during workouts. The Textronics fabric is constructed from conductive sensing fibers that "move comfortably with the body," picking up the heart's electrical pulse and sending it to a compatible wristwatch or exercise machine via a tiny transmitter that is snapped into a pocket on the garment.

Numetrex products are priced between $50 and $59. Data transmitters are available for $40.