Patriot Viper V560 Gaming Mouse Gets A Performance Update

Patriot Memory pushed out an update to the software connected to its gaming mouse, the Viper V560. Version 1.1 includes a number of changes -- some superficial, some related to performance -- but the changelist is surprisingly large.


The biggest change is that, through the software update, Patriot upped the DPI from 8,500 to 12,000, and you can set it as low as 50. Patriot told Tom's Hardware that the DPI boost was possible via a patented software technology it employed (paired with the laser sensor).

Patriot also touted its new Zero Delay features, which the company said gives the Viper V560 industry-best response time. “After a comparative test, the V560 returned an MCU response time of 1.17 ms, while the average response time from competing mice was 13.77 ms,” the company claimed.

It also added a Lift so the mouse can adapt to any surface, “accounting for wide movements and the possibility of leaving the surface of the mousepad without disrupting any activity the user is engaged in.”  

Other updates include Auto DPI, which automatically adjusts the DPI based on mouse acceleration; RGB profiles; and an option to switch off the “breathing” of the mouse’s lights. (I am unable to locate the “off” button for the lighting in the software.)

An Unusual Mouse

The Viper V560 is a bit of an oddball mouse. It’s incredibly heavy at 193 g, and it quickly crosses the 200 g threshold if you choose to stick in some of the six optional weights (29.4 g total). The top portion, where you grip the mouse, is quite narrow and offers a particular and firm grip. You can swap out the right panel for a two-finger groove panel, too.

The DPI switcher is located way down on the left side of the mouse, under your thumb, and it’s a single spring-loaded button that you can click back or forward to cycle through your DPI stages. There are two buttons where you’d normally find the DPI switchers (behind the click wheel), but only one of those is programmable.

Instead of long and thin Teflon feet, the Viper V560 has round ceramic feet, which definitely has a unique feel. On a slightly textured mouse mat, you feel some vibrations; you really need a smooth surface for smooth operation.

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Patriot Memory Viper V560 Laser Gaming Mouse
SensorAvago 9800 laser sensor  
Acceleration30 g
ResolutionUp to 12,000 DPI (was 8,500 DPI)
SoCSonix 2288
AmbitextrousNo (right only)
Polling RateUp to 500 Hz
Onboard Memory-16 KB x 16 ROM-1024 KB x 8 RAM
Programmable Buttons9 physical:-L/R click-forward/back navigation-Dpi switcher-Click wheel-Adjust lift-off up/down -Thumb rest release9 programmable:-R click-forward/back navigation-Click wheel (down/L/R)-Scroll up/down-Adjust lift-off
Lighting-3 lighting zones (front/rear/dpi indicator)-Multiple color options (1 per profile)
Max Tracking Speed150 IPS
Cable6 ft braided (red/black)
Dimensions128 x 47 x 80 mm (LxHxW)
Weight193 g (w/ up to 29.4 g additional, optional weights)
SoftwarePatriot Viper software v.1.1
System Requirements-Windows XP/Vista7/8/8.1/10-Mac OS X Lion ro El Capitan-35 MB hard drive space
Misc.-Up to five onboard profiles-4-stage dpi (w/customizable stages)-Optional second side grip-Six optional weights (up to 29.4 g total)

The software update (v.1.1) is available for download now from the Viper V560 product page on Patriot’s website. There's no word yet on when we'll see any of Patriot's other mouse designs come to fruition.

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