Adafruit Joins Us for the Pi Cast: KB2040 and CircuitPython

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Adafruit)

We’ve got some special guests lined up this holiday for The Picast—our weekly Raspberry Pi-themed podcast. Our present to you this season is a special episode featuring the team at Adafruit scheduled for today, December 21st at 2:30pm EST / 7:30pm BST.

It’s has been an exciting year for the Raspberry Pi and consequently the rest of the community as companies like Adafruit have released a selection of new products based on the new RP2040 processor.

We'll no doubt delve into what the team has been up to this year with particular attention on the new KB2040 Key Board Driver board, which can power a custom keyboard. This is the latest creation from Adafruit and we’re just as excited as you are to see what it’s capable of.

In addition to talking about the KB2040, we’ve also got a chance to get into CircuitPython and explore the new features. If you’re not sure about where to use it, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s capable of.

Tune in today at 2:30pm EST / 7:30pm BST via YouTube or Facebook to see Adafruit and plan your last-minute wishlist. 

Ash Hill
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Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer with a wealth of experience in the hobby electronics, 3D printing and PCs. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting while also finding the best coupons and deals on all tech.

  • Findecanor
    I saw immediately that it has a Pro Micro -compatible pinout.
    Indeed, the Pro Micro pinout has become a de-facto standard for DIY keyboards.

    Sparkfun already has a Pro Micro RP2040 with similar features (USB-C + breakout, compatible I²C port, castellated edges, ...) but with twice the flash for a dollar more.

    Some newer Pro Micro-compatible boards for the DIY keyboard community have five additional GPIO pins on the short edge. Too bad that neither of these two do.