Adafruit Announce Custom Raspberry Pi RP2040 Keyboard Driver Board

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Adafruit)

Adafruit has sneaked a peek at its latest Raspberry Pi RP2040-based board, KB2040 keyboard driver board. This new RP2040 board has one purpose, to make cool custom keyboard and we just got a glimpse of a fresh stack of newly printed PCBs.

The KB2040 is not yet available but it is tagged as coming soon. According to the new listing on the Adafruit website, the KB2040 will cost $8.95 USD. The product page also delves into the specific features and modules that come on the new board.

It’s powered by the RP2040 Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, as found in the Raspberry Pi Pico, which can reach speeds as high as 133MHz. It has 264kB of SRAM and 16MB of QSPI off-chip flash memory reserved for your code and as this is an Adafruit board there will be lots of love from the CircuitPython community.

Users have a few things to play with including 30 GPIO pins with 4 compatible as analog inputs. It has 2 UARTs, 2 SPI controllers, 16 PWM channels, 2 x I2C controllers and 8 (Programmable IO) PIO state machines. There are two on-chip PLLs as well as a USB 1.1 controller with PHY.

Check out the KB2040 product page at Adafruit for more details and be sure to keep an eye out for its release. Users can currently enter their email to receive a notification email when it’s available.

Ash Hill
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