PNY Announces GTX 780 Ti OC Graphics Card

PNY has announced a new graphics card: the GeForce GTX 780 Ti 'Overclocked.' This graphics card is factory overclocked and features a non-reference cooler.

Reference clock speeds for a GTX 780 Ti are set at 876 MHz GPU base, with a 928 MHz boost frequency. The overclocked speeds of PNY's card are set at 980 MHz GPU base, with a 1046 MHz boost frequency – over a 12 percent boost in speed. The card's memory is clocked at an effective speed of 7.0 GHz.

The cooler on the unit uses three fans to push air through an aluminum fin stack, and features a design borrowed from Palit's JetStream series of graphics cards.

There was no word on when the card would hit shops, though it should arrive soon with an MSRP price of $749.99.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • ohyouknow
    Man 750+ for a GPU. That stuff is cray cray.
  • rRansom
    Palit Jetstream cooler with all the colors stripped out, except black. This just looks sexier.
  • robax91
    I love the look, that price though....
  • thundervore
    $750 for the GPU alone??

    My Z77XUD5H + 3770K + 16GB of HyperX RAM didnt cost this much, combined!!!
  • photonboy
    If the cost is too much, the XBOX 360's are going for pretty cheap now... seriously though, some people are willing to pay for the best. There are many games that need at LEAST this for the best experience especially in 3D.
  • rwinches
    Yeah, the Zotac version is 1006Mhz base to 1072 boost mem 7.2 Ghz
    Can't find it listed price wise for US, but UK/EU is 575 bp / 699 e

  • iam2thecrowe
    that is one of the best looking coolers i have seen.
  • somebodyspecial
    Msi sells faster in OC mode for $700. Which is a far better deal. This is a way better deal than a NON REF 290x for $600 that doesn't come with 3 AAA games, Gsync or 10c less temps. I'm guessing (based on financials) that NV's drivers won't have a phase 2 this year either...LOL.
  • silverblue
    A lot of NVIDIA's money comes from the professional market, of which it enjoys about four-fifths of the entire market share. They won't be making a huge amount on the gaming cards. Yes, their drivers are better, but when was the last time that NVIDIA admitted to making a mistake? People with short memories may not remember when a whole slew of their mobile chips were dying. It might be me, but I'd rather have slightly iffy drivers than a dead card. Which reminds me... drivers causing fan issues on more than one occasion...

    I'm not going to act like an AMD apologist and say that their coolers are good or anything - 95 degrees may be optimal but a better cooler wouldn't let you hit it at low clocks, nor should the fan need to spin loudly - but I think it's fair to say that both companies are messing up at times. AMD should've spent a little more on a better cooler, but those non-reference cards are making up for it. 95 degrees isn't horrible in an historical sense; check both companies' past records here.

    Gsync is nice if you can afford to utilise it. 3 AAA games are nice too, but let's not forget that AMD was doing that recently and will most likely return to the same sort of deal in the near future. Is this 780 Ti worth the $100-150 premium? That's the question worth asking.
  • soldier44
    Get what you pay for, Ive been gaming at 2560 x 1600 ultra settings in every game for years now. If you have it to spend get it I say. If not stick with medium settings at 1080p and be happy with that simple as it gets.