Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS Spotted on Raspberry Pi

Pop!_OS apparently running on a Raspberry Pi 400
(Image credit: System76)

With Ubuntu (opens in new tab), Windows (opens in new tab), OSMC, Risc OS, Gentoo and FreeBSD (not to mention Raspberry Pi OS), the Raspberry Pi 4 (opens in new tab) is bubbling over with operating systems competing for your Micro SD cards. The list potentially grows one longer this week, with the discovery by It’s FOSS of a port of System 76’s Pop!_OS (opens in new tab) for the device.

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The scent of a Raspberry Pi port can be traced to Twitter, where System76’s Principal Engineer and Pop!_OS maintainer Jeremy Soller recently posted a photo showing the 64 bit OS apparently running on a stock Raspberry Pi 400. More tellingly, he also shared a link to a repository full of Pop!_OS packages for ARM devices.

For those not already familiar, Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based OS that’s free and open-source, with a custom Gnome desktop known as COSMIC. It’s maintained by System76, a computer builder operating out of Denver, Colorado, that sells laptops, desktops and servers, all with either Pop!_OS or Ubuntu installed. They’re quite keen on Linux there, it could be said.

Pop!_OS is notable for its support of AMD and Nvidia GPUs with no additional tinkering, and its auto-tiling desktop, which fills your display with app windows. A tabbed, web-browser-like, look is also available, along with a complete set of keyboard shortcuts to move windows around. It has a 7.5% share of all Steam installations on Linux, according to the Steam Hardware Survey.

There has been no announcement of a timescale, or anything else for that matter. The latest version of Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu 21.04, which we know runs very nicely on a Pi, but there's a new version, 21.10 Impish Indri, due on October 14th. The repository linked to by Soller mentions Impish in its directory path, so we could see something within a matter of weeks.

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  • King_V
    I've got to say, having become used to Pop!_OS and enjoying it on my main Linux box, I'm really looking forward to this for my Pi 4.