PowerA Working on MOGA Controller for iPhone

Apple Insider has come across press shots of an unannounced MOGA controller for iPhone. The device borrows the MOGA Mobile form factor (Android), but rounds off the grips and rips out the clamp that typically would hold a smartphone. Instead, both sides can be pulled apart so that the iPhone can slip into the middle horizontally, providing a different design that what's seen with the Android controller.

Like Android's MOGA Mobile, an analog thumbstick resides at the bottom right and the typical XYAB buttons placed just above that. On the left side, the analog thumbstick resides at the top left and the directional button just below. A button resides on each shoulder, and the Start and Select buttons reside under the directional button.

AppleInsider reports that PowerA's controller is expected to work with Apple's dedicated game controller framework revealed back in June. Apple reportedly named Logitech and PowerA as "key partners." PowerA even hinted to an iPhone controller back in June when we first spied the new MOGA Android controllers. PowerA seemed rather excited about Apple opening up to third-party controller makers.

According to the report, Apple's framework specifies three configurations: two form-fitting versions like the MOGA, which allows the device to sit within the controller itself, and one that's a standalone wireless model. So far there's no word on when this controller – or one from Logitech – will appear on the market, or for how much. But previous talk from PowerA and Apple suggested a Fall release, so stay tuned.

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  • mr grim
    Not a fan of iPhones but that actually looks pretty cool
  • AndrewMD
    Techies always seem to have a problem with Apple products. Something that is "programmed" into their heads like racism and hatred.

    Apple has a wonderful platform that is easy to create uniformed products for. No other manufacture can easily say that they can have accessories designed for it and still have it compatible with future devices or other manufacture devices using the same OS.

    As an Android user myself, I can say that Android had the lead with gaming controllers but because of the open platform, games themselves do not support external controllers and when they do, they do not support all types of external controllers.

    Leave it to Apple to create the framework that is required to allow games to be controlled via an external controller.
  • audiophillia
    thats an interesting design. it always makes me smile to see what they come up with.

    @AndrewMD has a good point. The fact is that iPhones are the most common phone out there. Not the most popular OS but the most common phone. So it make sense for all the hardware developers to design for the device with the largest profit margin.
  • rwinches
    I believe these are what Apple devices are suited for:

    Excellent for the iPhone/iPod:


    Excellent for the iPad:
  • tburns1
    @ AndrewMD
    The problem is that Steve Jobs was a real pompus meglomaniac, but because so many in the world are sheep, they followed him just to be cool. There are definite pluses to Apple design to be sure, but thier product pricing is out of control. They are bilking thier zealots out of billions. It just doesn't seem right.