Project Zed: The Health Conscious Raspberry Pi Robot

(Image credit: Joseph Uding)

Many of us makers have dreamt of our ideal robot companion ever since 80's sci-fi flicks showed us how sweet and totally rad they could be. Joseph Uding is well on his way to perfecting this goal with his latest Raspberry Pi-powered robot known as Project Zed.

The project was featured previously in MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine. According to Uding, the goal was to make something health-conscious that could help people take sensible health precautions. Project Zed features voice-based commands and even repeats pre-determined messages.

Many of the components used in Project Zed's construction were recycled from old 3D printers. He managed to find plenty of usable pieces from DC motors to plastic parts to create housing.

Uding can control Project Zed from up to roughly 400 meters away. The arms can move up and down while a camera allows for real-time visuals. The whole operation can be controlled from any smartphone or computer with an internet connection. If you want to read more about Uding's cool robot project, check out the full feature from MagPi magazine.

Ash Hill
Contributing Writer

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