QOTD: Have You Replaced Windows with Linux?

Like many here that read Tom's Hardware, we've all been using Windows for a long, long time. Myself, I have been using Windows since version 2.

Windows has gone through incredible changes since the early days. It's now capable of so much more than it could have done a decade ago. Remember Windows 95? That was one of the biggest operating system launches in history. I remember flying into Toronto and seeing a huge, long banner draped from the top of the CN Tower down to the street advertising Windows 95. Those were the days.

Times changes a lot of things, and it definitely changes the computing landscape. These days, there are so many good choices to use--particularly in the Linux space. One of the most popular distros is Ubuntu, and many are using that in a dual boot configuration accompanied by a Windows side-install. Despite some of its shortcomings, Windows has a nearly untouchable advantage with its hardware and application support--yes, this includes games.

There are many users out there however, who feel that they belong on a Linux installation. Whether it's for the sheer aspect of "power-using" a PC with a Linux-OS' comparability or just to try something new, Linux operating systems are definitely gaining ground. Many MIDs and netbooks are shipping with Linux operating systems.

The question of the day is: Have you replaced Windows with a Linux distro?

I mean, completely. Are you one of those who are running on pure Linux? Do you miss your Windows days? What made you switch?

With Windows 7 on the horizon, would you consider switching back?

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  • kyeana
    I use both, but i could never give up windows completely. Something about gaming and ease of use
  • dman3k
    I switch to Ubuntu for a while and went back to Windows because I'm not going to write drivers to make things work the way I want it! Windows does that for me and all I have to do is change a few settings. Not to mention, many internet plugins (like flash) didn't work back in the day.

    Why limit myself?
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  • Dax corrin
    I have not used Linux, nor do I plan to. I'm mostly a gamer with some research on the internet as a side hobby. Windows does everything I need and I have no problems with it. I plan on staying with Microsoft products for the forseeable future.
  • KyleSTL
    I've played around with a couple Ubuntu distros, but I've never used them for any significant amount of time. When I rebuild I might consider doing a dual boot with Vista/7.
  • kyeana
    I use both, but i could never give up windows completely. Something about gaming and ease of use