Raspberry Pi 4 Borg Cube Case is Ready to Assimilate You

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Nathan, My Mini Factory)

If Star Trek day is every day for you, it might be time to 3D print your own Raspberry Pi Borg Cube case. This case design is "The Best of Both Worlds," offering fan cooling along with a cool level of detail. The cube was put together by a My Mini Factory maker known as Nathan, and is intended to house the Raspberry Pi 4.

In the spirit of the Borg, the case is an assimilation of other designs, with a few improvements added along the way. The base for the cube case comes from a maker known as Uncle_Gru from Thingiverse, while the Borg details (known as greebles in model making) were created by Dmaccallum to add extra realism to the cube.

The final case design has a little more room than the original starting base, and features a bigger slot on the front that can be used to access the microSD card. There is a 50mm hole on the top for mounting a dedicated (and color coordinated) cooling fan. Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects have a flashy finish, and this case features bright green LEDs inside, although this addition is optional. According to Nathan, the final unit measures in at approximately 100mm x 100mm x 100mm.

If you’re ready to be assimilate this case into your life, check out the Borg Cube case project page at My Mini Factory to download the 3D printer files.

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  • bvmcdaniel
    Nice. Looks similar to the one I built in 2015.

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