This Raspberry Pi Guitar Pedalboard Is Built to Rock

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Quin Perefetto)

It's no secret that we love Raspberry Pi projects but up there with our passion for Pi is a taste for music! This leads us to today's awesome project—a Raspberry Pi-based guitar pedalboard, created by developer Quinn Perfetto.

When it comes to buying a tool or making it yourself, more often than not the Pi makes it possible to create a cheaper more customized version. Such is the case with Perfetto's guitar pedalboard, which is designed to use a Raspberry Pi 4.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones that you can recreate at home and Perfetto was kind enough to share a list of parts as well as the complete code at GitHub. Makers will need a 7-inch touchscreen for the visual output on the pedalboard. A Behringer audio interface is used to connect the guitar and mounts to the Pi through the USB port. There are 5 buttons used to switch between effects, which are controlled through a custom web UI.

The webserver runs on the Raspberry Pi but, according to Perfetto, it can run on other systems like a Windows PC or Mac machine. The web UI has sliders that work like knobs on a pedalboard to adjust the effects settings. The web interface relies heavily on React, a Java-based library for building interfaces.

Check out the project album for this project for a closer look at how it works, including a video demo of the pedalboard in action.

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