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Raspberry Pi Bot Trades Crypto While You Sleep

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: GooseRepresentative1)

Looking for an open-source cryptocurrency trading solution? GooseRepresentative1 has got you covered with this automated, Raspberry Pi self-trading cryptocurrency bot project!

The best Raspberry Pi projects make life easier and this bot definitely earns its keep. According to GooseRepresentative1, you miss every shot you don't take and sleeping takes away from potentially valuable trading opportunities. This project is designed to trade cryptocurrency automatically when certain parameters have been met.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is housed inside a custom case with an LCD screen on the front panel. This panel shows things like processor temperature, CPU usage and storage space availability. There are already plans in the works to include cryptocurrency price data, as well.

Software-wise, the bot relies on Raspberry Pi OS which runs the trading software developed from scratch by GooseRepresentative1 using Python. It's totally open-source requiring minimal Python experience to modify the code to use your trading accounts instead.

If you want to see this project in action or even recreate it yourself, visit the original project thread via Reddit. You can even farm Chia using a Raspberry Pi 4, and we have just the guide to help you.