Raspberry Pi Project Turns Any Pi into FM Transmitter

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If you’ve ever wanted to host your own radio show, now’s your chance. Marcin Kondej, also known as PiSupport over at YouTube, has created a project that can turn a Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter. Before we dig into this project, we should point out that it may be illegal to transmit on specific frequencies in your country. Double-check local FM transmission requirements and regulations before recreating this project at home.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are flexible and, according to Kondej, this project is designed to work on every model of Raspberry Pi. The idea was inspired by a project created by Oliver Mattos and Oskar Weigl known as PiFM.

The only additional hardware you’ll need for this project is a 20 cm - 40 cm wire attached to a GPIO pin to function as an antenna. Kondej explains the radio frequency modulation is generated using the general clock output.

A full tutorial is available on GitHub explaining both how to install the application and get started. Users can transmit audio files including both .wav and .mp3 formats. It’s also possible to use a microphone real real-time broadcasting.

Check out the official YouTube channel for a closer look at how to set up the project and be sure to verify the legal requirements for FM broadcasting in your area if you decide to recreate it at home.

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    This project turns any Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter that can broadcast audio files, microphone feeds and more—created by Marcin Kondej of PiSupport.

    Raspberry Pi Project Turns Any Pi into FM Transmitter : Read more

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