Custom Raspberry Pi Handheld Features Super-Wide Display

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Sulfuroid)

All-in-one Raspberry Pi handhelds are really cool—some of the best Raspberry Pi projects we've come across are just simple, PC rigs with built-in keyboards. But this one, created by a maker known on Twitter as Sulfuroid, takes the cake and stretches wide across the plate. It has a small, tablet-like size complete with a built-in keyboard and super-wide LCD screen.

The project requires a custom PCB which we just got the first glimpse of today. It's used to connect the Pi to critical components like the screen and keyboard. The board will work with both Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 4 modules and is intended to support a wide 1920 x 480 LCD screen.

The great looking keyboard will use mechanical keys driven by an Atmega32u4 chip, presumably acting as a USB HID device. In the prototype images shared for the project, the keys appeared to have a minimal, flat design.

Sulfuroid knows that makers need to tinker and assures GPIO and USB access is available both internally and externally. This makes it possible to prototype projects and connect peripherals via GPIO. An internal USB port would provide expansion possibilities such as USB boot devices and USB 4G / LTE modems.

There are plans to sell these in the future once testing is complete. Follow Sulfuroid on Twitter for more details and future updates.

Ash Hill
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  • BillyBuerger
    That keyboard got me right away. Looks to be a Preonic style ortholinear (12x5 grid). I had to do something searching around but it appears they're going to be using Kailh PG1232 switches based on the PCB cutouts and pin locations. I haven't seen anyone using those before. Looks really nice.