Raspberry Pi HQ Camera DIY Microscope Boasts RGB LEDs, Keypad

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: SilentMobius)

SilentMobius, the maker behind the cool, Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera-powered microscope we featured last summer, has updated the project. Kicking things up a notch, the DIY microscope now features a keypad and some more tricks up its sleeve.  

According to SilentMobius, the unit was constructed from spare hardware, including extruded metal and custom 3D-printed assets to complete the design. Thanks to a recent 3D printer upgrade, SilentMobius was able to create a few more improvements to the original design.

One of the biggest additions is a new macro keypad. It has 3D printed keycaps and can be used for functions like zoom or pan.

There’s also a new base featuring slide grooves made just for M2 screws. This makes it possible to secure things into place. A new lead screw was added alongside a thrust bearing to smooth out the focus adjuster. The Raspberry Pi HQ Camera connects with a ribbon cable, and now it's shielded with a flexible, almost snake-like, 3D printed sleeve to add protection.

The microscope project now has an RGB LED light ring with addressable LEDs too. Unlike a lot of the RGB around the PC building space these days, this isn't just for extra flash. The LEDs here are ideal for getting just the right lighting for the particular subject under the microscope's lens. 

If you want to take a closer look at this project, visit the original project thread at Reddit, and be sure to follow SilentMobius for future changes.

Ash Hill
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