DIY Microscope Uses Raspberry Pi HQ Camera to Take Impressive Photos

(Image credit: SilentMobius)

The micro-world is vast and unexplored in many areas. You can take a closer look at the world around you with this Raspberry Pi-based microscope. Created by a Reddit user known as SilentMobius, this DIY microscope project demonstrates the impressive capability of the Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera module.

According to SilentMobius, the project is ideal for a range of applications. This includes practical uses, like surface-mount soldering, as well as emergency situations, like removing a splinter from his finger.

There are microscope lenses made for the Raspberry Pi, such as the Pimoroni Microscope Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera. However, SilentMobius found a suitable lens on AliExpress. 

The maker ultimately constructed the microscope stand from scratch. It's made from spare 2020 extruded metal and custom 3D-printed components.

Smartphone photos vs microscope photo (Image credit: SilentMobius)

In our Raspberry Pi HQ Camera review, we praised the module's high max resolution of 5K (4056 x 3040). SilentMobius' used the self-made microscope to capture the edge of a leaf, which showed strong details, especially when compared to a photo taken with a smartphone. The HQ Camera definitely lends to some impressive captures.

If you want to explore this project in depth, check out the full thread on Reddit. Be sure to follow SilentMobius for more updates and future Pi projects.

Ash Hill
Contributing Writer

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