Raspberry Pi Launches Support For Industrial Customers

Raspberry Pi Industrial Support
(Image credit: Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Pi has today announced new support for industrial customers, a market that makes up 44% of total Raspberry Pi sales or approximately 15 million Raspberry Pis in the wild.

Raspberry Pi Industrial Support

(Image credit: Raspberry Pi)

Support for industrial customers comes in the form of a new dedicated area of the Raspberry Pi website where those looking to integrate the Raspberry Pi into a product can find information on the latest boards, such as the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and details on how the Raspberry Pi range of computers comply with the many regulations and requirements for electronic devices.

In a blog post , Raspberry Pi Principal Hardware Engineer Roger Thornton further explains the new support.

"To support Raspberry Pi’s industrial customers, we have developed a new, dedicated area of our website. Our For industry pages are the best place to go for industrial applications of Raspberry Pi. They provide access to the information and support you need when using our products in an industrial setting, with links to datasheets, compliance documents, and more."

Thornton also confirms long-term support for all products until 2026 and a process to help customers ensure their products meet regulatory compliance.

Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners

The organization also announced a the Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners program to "...help customers who want to integrate Raspberry Pi into their products, and to recognise companies with specialist knowledge and proven expertise in designing with Raspberry Pi."

Initially launching with a select set of designers who have worked with Raspberry Pi, the group hopes to grow over time and provide technical assistance for customers who have developed a product which uses a Raspberry Pi.

Les Pounder

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