Raspberry Pi Pico Micro ATX Motherboard Passes First Test

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Jonathan Pallant)

The devs behind the Neotron Pico, a Raspberry Pi Pico-powered ATX motherboard project that we first covered in April, unveiled the first prototype board in a recent update. Jonathan Pallant posted pictures to Twitter of a freshly manufactured PCB ready for testing.

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects use custom PCBs and the Neotron Pico is all PCB. There is no official case or accessories for the final build, that's up to the maker to choose. What this board provides is a base for creating a Raspberry Pi Pico desktop computer with a micro-ATX form factor.

Pallant detailed the assembly process for the new prototype via Twitter. Everything from the LEDs to the back panel ports need to be soldered into place manually.

While the assembly process of any electronics project can be tedious, the results are almost always worth the effort. With components soldered into place, Pallant ran power to the system in a demo video confirming successful a test run with blinking LEDs.

The board is designed to run a custom OS known as Neotron OS, written in Rust. Visit the Neotron Pico project page at Github for more details and follow Jonathan Pallant at Twitter for more updates.

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