Raspberry Pi Project Lets You Watch CRT TV for Retro Feels

(Image credit: Tate/T8er8)

The Raspberry Pi community is well-known for its love of retro gaming with platforms like RetroPie and Lakka. But this week, a creator named Tate (known on Reddit T8er8) reminded us you can also bring retro hardware to the table. Tate shared a Pi project with an old CRT set up to loop episodes of the web series "Interface."

If you want to play retro games or watch videos with a 4:3 aspect ratio, this sort of project is perfect. The CRT TV does a lot to bring back the retro feel many makers crave. However, it's not as easy to set up with newer Pi models, such as the Raspberry Pi 4

Tate used an older Raspberry Pi model for this project. The CRT connection is made using a composite port on the Raspberry Pi—composite output is automatically disabled on the Pi 4.

The significance of a project like this is in the versatility. Tate used this set-up to loop episodes of "Interface" using Pi Video Looper from Adafruit. But it wouldn't be difficult to use this hardware configuration to make an authentic-looking retro gaming rig or opt for episodes of your favorite 4:3 TV show or movie instead. 

You can check out the full post on Reddit here. Tate did a great job explaining the installation process and how to set up Pi Video Looper to show a continuous stream of whatever videos you like. Follow T8er8 on Reddit for more updates on this retro Raspberry Pi setup.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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