Raspberry Pi RP2040 Stamp Gets New Arduino Inspired Carrier Board

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(Image credit: Arturo182)

Makers have been eager to integrate the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip into boards of their own since the Pico was first revealed. The recent release of the RP2040 for general sale is going to fuel further maker projects, and we cannot wait to see what is on the horizon. One of the first examples from the maker community that we covered was the RP2040 Stamp, created by Solder Party's Arturo182. Today we're excited to share a few new accessories developed just for the RP2040 Stamp module.

The new accessories include a carrier board which follows the Arduino aesthetic and breaks out a selection of the RP2040 GPIO. The carrier board has multiple power connections. We have a DC barrel jack, USB-C (which also works to flash firmware to the RP2040) and a LiPo / Li-Ion battery connector. Also present is a Stemma QT / Qwiic connector for use with compatible devices.

The best Raspberry Pi projects bridge gaps and this new carrier board provides the power of the RP2040 with the layout of an Arduino Uno / Leonardo. The RP2040 Stamp is installed by surface mount soldering it to the carrier board.

Arturo182 has also developed a test jig just for flashing firmware to the RP2040 and for general testing of boards. According to Arturo182, it can check everything from GPIO support to the 3.3V power. While this isn't a strictly necessary step, it aids Arturo182 workflow to QA each of their boards ready for sale.

If you want to see these new boards up close, check out the original post shared to Twitter and be sure to follow Arturo182 for more updates.

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