Raspberry Pi RP2040 Superior Boy Takes Cybersecurity on the Go

Superior Boy
(Image credit: Team Superior Tech)

The Raspberry Pi has a super compact size which makes it a great choice for makers whose projects are reliant on portability. Today we’re sharing a cool Pi project that you can take with you on the go created by Team Superior Tech, aka Emirhan, Mustafa Emre Sezgin. Together, they developed an RP2040-based platform known as the Superior Boy—a cybersecurity device for both educational and testing purposes.

The Superior Boy is a handheld unit that uses an RP2040 as its main processor. It has buttons for input and a screen that lets you interact with its custom interface. It’s fitted with a wide selection of tools and modules that make it suitable for many cybersecurity needs. Whether you’re looking to educate or are a seasoned maker who just enjoys tinkering, the Superior Boy has plenty of interesting features worth checking out.

Some of the modules include an ESP32 which comes with both WiFi and Bluetooth support, an MP9250 9-axis gyroscope, a BMP280 barometer, and even a PN532 which acts as an RFID reader. Users also get access to GPIO pins which is great for adding additional modules and hardware.

The project is built around a custom PCB that all of the components are attached to. Everything from the RP2040 to the ESP32 has a space reserved on the board. There are six buttons total that can be programmed for input underneath the screen, giving a form factor reminiscent of a Game Boy or similar handheld.

The duo programmed quite a few fun things to play with into the Superior Boy. One such example is the Bad USB/HID function which lets the device either act as a human interface device (HID) or inject malicious software. Another cool tool is the Jammer feature. This uses the various modules with wireless capabilities to help interfere with and jam wireless communication.

The legality of certain tools like this may vary depending on where you live. If you choose to recreate this project, please take a moment to review local laws regarding cybersecurity tools. If you want to get a closer look at this Raspberry Pi project in action, you can check it out over at Hackster.

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