Raspberry Pi Supply Improves. Here's Where to Buy One Now. (Updated)

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Update 8/22 02:59 PT

UK reseller The Pi Hut has lifted the per-customer limit from one Raspberry Pi 4 to 50! So if you need to build a cluster, The Pi Hut has the stock available for you.

Update 8/3 03:55 PT

We've just taken a look on RPilocator and spotted that the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is in stock at MC Hobby (Belgium), PiShop (South Africa), jkollerup.dk (Denmark) and RaspberryStore (Netherlands). The last time that UK makers had access to the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W was July 16 (Pimoroni) and in the US it was just yesterday at Adafruit. Could we soon see some UK stock? We hope so. UK resellers Pimoroni and The Pi Hut still (miraculously) have stock of Raspberry Pi 4 models.

Update 8/2 06:31 PT

Pimoroni has joined the ranks of resellers offering multiple Raspberry Pi 4s. You can now purchase up to 5 Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and 4GB boards, and a whopping 25 Raspberry Pi Zero W. Alas, Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W are still out of stock and most likely excluded from this offer. But it can't be too long until we get more Zero 2 W stock. 

Update 7/31 05:51 PT

UK reseller The Pi Hut have increased the number of Raspberry Pi 4 4GB that can be purchased in one transaction from one to five. So now you can bulk buy Raspberry Pi. Other configurations can still only be purchased as single units. Pimoroni are still limiting Raspberry Pi 4 to one unit per customer.

Original Story

Getting your hands on a Raspberry Pi is now much easier than 2022 or even than it was a few weeks ago. Raspberry Pi stock levels are improving, with some units remaining in stock for hours, rather than minutes. In a December 2022 blog post, Raspberry Pi LTD's CEO Eben Upton wrote about how he saw stock levels in 2023. This data was then refined a few months ago to provide more clarity. Now, more than half-way through the year, we can take a look at home Raspberry Pi stock levels have improved, and more importantly, tell you where you can buy a Raspberry Pi.

Stock Level Analysis

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Raspberry Pi Units Sold
Row 0 - Cell 0 PredictionActual
Q1 2023Row 1 - Cell 1 800,000
May 2023600,000612,000
June 2023800,000788,000

Source: Eben Upton's tweet.

Production is largely in-line with Upton's prediction. You'll notice that Q1 2023 saw only 800,000 units shipped, the worst month for Raspberry Pi since 2015. This is the result of pulling forward production to December 2022, in time for the holiday period. The 12,000 unit gain made in May 2023, was balanced by production coming in lower than prediction.

Looking at this from the perspective of the many different models of Raspberry Pi we can see more Raspberry Pi 4 models in stock, and for longer. We've been tracking official reseller restocks via Twitter and we can see that they are selling stock at a slower rate than previous. 

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W units are harder to come by. Since its launch in 2021, the board has been relatively unobtainable. From the 788,000 units produced for June, approximately 33,000 were Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, and 119,000 were Raspberry Pi Zero. We've no data for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 production, but a quick glance on RPiLocator shows that the most recent stock found its way to The Pi Hut on July 25. For the U.S. it was Pishop on July 21. This doesn't mean that Raspberry Pi 4 production made up the difference, but we can bet that it will make up a sizable chunk of the 788,000 units.

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We asked RPiLocator's creator, André Costa for their take on the situation. "[Raspberry] Pi 4 looks good almost anywhere in the world. [Raspberry Pi ] Zero 2 W not so much and CM4 is still scarce. US market is struggling to stabilize and still selling out, although not as fast as before. It was common for Pi 4 s to sell out in 10 min in the US during the height of the shortage. Now they are staying in stock 3-4 hours. Stocks in other parts of the world have been lasting days and some countries are not even selling out of Pi 4s anymore"

Costa also remarked that finding Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for sale in the United Kingdom was still difficult.

Where can you buy a Raspberry Pi?

As Costa said, Raspberry Pi are staying in stock, for longer and so now is a great time to grab an elusive board. To help you, we have scoured RPiLocator, Raspberry Pi approved resellers and Amazon to find you the best deals.

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Raspberry Pi 4 8GBDigiKey ($75)Pimoroni (£74)
Row 1 - Cell 0 Amazon ($95)The Pi Hut (£75)
Raspberry Pi 4 4GBAdafruit ($55)Pimoroni £54
Row 3 - Cell 0 Amazon ($85)The Pi Hut (£55)
Row 4 - Cell 0 Row 4 - Cell 1 Amazon (£68)
Raspberry Pi 4 2GBAmazon ($61)Pimoroni (£44)
Row 6 - Cell 0 Row 6 - Cell 1 The Pi Hut (£45)
Raspberry Pi Zero WPi Shop ($15)Pimoroni (£15)
Row 8 - Cell 0 Amazon ($26)The Pi Hut (£15)

So let's keep the MSRPs in mind here. A Raspberry Pi 4B should be $45, $55 and $75 for 2, 4 and 8GB of models and a Raspberry Pi Zero W should be $15. You can see that Amazon is charging a lot more than MSRP in all cases, though if you like the convenience of Prime shipping, this might be an acceptable trade-off.

The best option for both U.S. and UK-based shoppers might be ordering from Pimoroni or The Pi Hut, both of which offer international shipping at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that UK prices usually include a VAT, which they discount if you are from the U.S.

If you live near a Micro Center store, you can often find Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero models in stock. We recommend checking the status on the microcenter.com before going in person.

Les Pounder

Les Pounder is an associate editor at Tom's Hardware. He is a creative technologist and for seven years has created projects to educate and inspire minds both young and old. He has worked with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to write and deliver their teacher training program "Picademy".

  • domih
    If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Computers had 16 x Pi 4 8GB yesterday and has 14 today. In-store purchase only. $75. Good luck.

    They also have many more of the 4GB version, $55. See https://www.centralcomputer.com/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-rpi4-modbp-4gb-4gb-ddr4-ram-bcm2711-soc-usb-3-0-poe-enabled.html.

    The 2 GB version is out of stock.
  • willis9829
    Sadly RPi CM4 are still out of stock and only on reseller scalper market for inflated prices on eBay. Would love to install it on dual NIC with built in sata m2 IO board to turn it into ARM router.