You Can Control These Raspberry Pi Robot Arms With VR Controllers

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Ricky Robot)

Creating a robotic arm is hard enough, but controlling one can be a beast of its own. It's not always easy to translate servo calculations into a user-friendly interface, but Ricky Robot made a Raspberry Pi robotic arm controller anyone can use! This project uses VR controllers so users can move the arms in real-time and even initiate a grip to pick things up.

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects we've seen over the last year bridge our current social gaps with telepresence. This project is no exception—Ricky even suggests a camera upgrade could be used in conjunction with a VR headset to drop in on his room remotely.

The robotic arms are built from a kit Ricky found through Amazon. They are controlled by Raspberry Pis, which are running web-based servers designed to accept input from the VR controllers. This input is translated into movements for the robotic arm.

A simple microcontroller wouldn't do for this project. Ricky already has plans to upgrade it with more features, and the Raspberry Pi offers more flexibility than smaller boards like the Pico. To read more about how this project operates, check out the full thread on Reddit and be sure to follow Ricky Robot on YouTube for more cool projects.

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