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Raspberry Pi WeatherClock Shows What to Expect and When

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Kevin Wu)

Maker Kevin Wu has created a fascinating solution to a problem we didn’t even know we had with this sleek, Raspberry Pi-powered weather clock. Not only does it show the time of day with analog hands but it also provides weather data for each given hour.

The idea first came to Wu back in 2018 and is named Eli’s WeatherClock after a friend who suggested making it. The goal was to create a simple platform to provide both time and weather data in one glance. The end result is a finished design that blends seamlessly with everyday home decor.

Eli’s WeatherClock does more than look cool — it also offers an interactive interface. The clock face is actually part of a 4-inch Pimoroni touchscreen. Users can tap a specific hour to see more data like how much precipitation and wind is expected. Tapping the center will take the user back to the regular clock screen.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Kevin Wu)

According to Wu, the project was tested and designed with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but a few issues arose including latency and unexpected crashes from the program. More work may be needed to resolve the issue or another, more substantial Raspberry Pi model may be necessary. That said, the project is totally open source (the best Raspberry Pi projects often are) for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the code.

Visit the project page at GitHub for more details and be sure to follow Kevin Wu at YouTube for more cool projects.

Ash Hill
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