Raspberry Pi Plays Wedding Video Slowly Over Year in Picture Frame

(Image credit: yddgojcsrtffhh)

Some presents last all year round, like this Raspberry Pi picture frame project that slowly plays the maker's wedding video one frame at a time over the course of a year. This creative project comes to us from a maker known on Reddit as yddgojcsrtffhh.

The Pi is programmed to play one frame of their wedding video every three minutes. The entire video will complete after a year has passed. The project is housed inside of a picture frame that was deep enough to fit a Raspberry Pi inside.

Yddgojcsrtffhh originally tried using a Raspberry Pi Zero but ultimately chose to use a Raspberry Pi 3 for the final build. The Pi draws power using a wall adapter rather than through batteries.

The screen is an e-ink display taped into place. This is great for a decorative project like this as the last image stays on the screen if power is disconnected.

The project relies on the Slow Movie application developed by Tom Whitwell and shared on Github. You can read more about this cool Raspberry Pi slow video project in the original thread on Reddit.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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  • Endymio
    Had he used a battery-powered Pi Zero, this would have been mildly interesting, but a Pi 3? Even excluding the need for wall juice, there's just something so incredibly banal about using a 1.4ghz quad-core processor for tasks as trivial as updating fixed images on a photo frame.
  • Just some dude
    Hey cool, my project is on Tom's! It's mounted on a wall now, with no visible cords. Why do you think a Pi0 where I have to change out the battery daily would be better? I literally never have to think about this thing again. Overkill? Maybe, but how is it any different than using a Pi to display the weather? Or a Spotify playlist, or anything else? I guess I could have it mine crypto while it's not refreshing, if that makes you feel better... 🤣 I mean, my watch has a faster processer, and more RAM. And I probably see this picture more during the day then I look at my watch... 🤷‍♂️
  • Endymio
    Just some dude said:
    Overkill? Maybe, but how is it any different than using a Pi to display the weather? ...
    I didn't mean to attack you personally, but the fact remains that you're using about 0.2% of your processing power, about equivalent to using a superjumbo cargo jet to deliver a pizza. So I'm going to challenge you to come up with some additional use for that wasted power. Perhaps control a whole bank of photo frames, or put a facial-recognition camera on it, to advance a frame manually every time a specific person views it? Or something else entirely...anything to make some use of all that potential.