Raspberry Pi Zero W-Powered Password Thief Helps With Penetration Testing

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: mr.smashy)

It turns out the Raspberry Pi might be one of the best tools to have on hand for any network engineer. This maker, who goes by Mr.Smashy online, has created a USB Raspberry Pi password thief using a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The best Raspberry Pi projects have real-world applications and this one is ideal for physical penetration testing. It provides an open-source solution for analyzing one of the most critical barriers in network security.

The project relies on a Raspberry Pi Zero W instead of a regular Pi Zero because of its wireless support. A USB-A add-on board is used to create the thumb drive design needed to plug the device into computers. Software-wise, it's driven by an application called Responder that runs on the light version of Raspberry Pi OS.

The biggest draw to creating your own password thief device is the price point. Professional devices exist that already accomplish the same thing, and they look a little less fishy than a Raspberry Pi Zero. but the cost-benefit, as well as custom control options, make this project appealing in its own right.

If you want to see how this project goes together, check out the full project post at Medium.

Ash Hill
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