Emulator Platform RetroArch Is Coming to Steam

Emulator platform RetroArch is headed to Steam for the first time ever in an exciting bid for retro game enthusiasts.

On July 30, users can pick up the app for free as it debuts first on Windows before heading to both MacOS and Linux. This version will be the same that's already currently available via the official RetroArch page, but the developers will be working to flesh it out further as time goes by. While they haven't yet specified which features are in the works, Steam is home to elements like remote play, cloud saves and Steam controller support, all of which could potentially be implemented in the future.

For the uninitiated, RetroArch is typically utilized in several emulator setups and acts as the front end for the Libretro API. The team decided to bring the application to Steam in an effort to expand its user base, noting that its focus going forward will be making sure that RetroArch can run content on legitimately purchased media.

RetroArch is able to be listed on Steam despite the platform's terms of service noting that emulator-centric content is prohibited. As RetroArch is currently in the process of allowing developers to launch their games through the app and it has been explicitly stated several times the the software isn't just for emulation. It will likely be allowed to remain up for grabs.

RetroArch will, going forward, provide users with the emulators necessary to play games on their original media. Those interested in trying out its services able to use games from the Sega Saturn and PlayStation libraries going forward, so long as they own the legitimate titles.

If you're interested in trying it out when it comes to Steam, all you'll have to do is run it from its official listing, as it will be treated like a free-to-play option. It'll certainly be interesting to see such an application available on the service, given its implications, but this signifies a move forward for versatile programs that do more than just the "illegal" things you think they're only good for.