A Look At The Enemies In 'The Ringed City' DLC For 'Dark Souls III'

To keep Dark Souls III fans excited for the release of The Ringed City downloadable content (DLC) next month, From Software put together a short gameplay video that offers an idea of what to expect from the game’s final piece of extra content.

You'll have to be mindful of where you step when you make your way through the game's new location. Spectral enemies can grab you as they come out of the ground and lock you in place, which leaves you vulnerable to additional attacks from other menacing foes. These enemies travel in large packs, so be prepared for a long battle if you stand your ground.

You’ll also see some human-like enemies as well, such as the knight featured in the trailer, which is quite an intimidating fighter with its combination of flame-based attacks followed by swift swings and stabs with a massive sword. There are also winged creatures that can take you out with a barrage of bright-lit arrows or a quick slash of their claws.

The Ringed City is still more than a month away from release, which should give you enough time to finish the main game. If that doesn’t prove to be too much of a challenge, you can always test your skills in the frozen tundra featured in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC pack.

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NameDark Souls IIIDark Souls III: The Ringed City
TypeAction/Adventure, RPG, Horror, FantasyAction/Adventure, RPG, Horror, Fantasy
DeveloperFrom SoftwareFrom Software
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  • Lucky_SLS
    i am a big fan of rpg games like skyrim n witcher, but ds3 is the next level hardcore thing in rpg !!! lost heart after 2 grueling months :(
  • Livelaughtlove
    Not sure if to be more happy with quantum xmetics or VR more. With advanced computing VR is going to be so insanely sweet!
  • azhuradean
    i do love this game!
  • coolitic
    So Dark Souls 3 is gonna continue it's streak of being the flashy and gimmicky one in the series? Glad I didn't buy the DLC/Season Pass, because while the base game was decent, the 1st DLC appears to be THE WORST DLC in the SoulsBorne series, and this one doesn't look much better.
  • esco_sid
    Looks pretty good guess ill have to invest some time into beating last boss in Ashes as she is giving me a lot of trouble.
  • SinxarKnights
    Hell yeah! I got the season pass but never played the first DLC. I immensely enjoyed the game though just didn't have the time to go through it all again to play the DLC (why no cloud save From Software!?!?).

    Nice to see the return of the humanity phantoms. I got a lot of free time now so I will have to start playing again.