Ex-AMD'er Robert Hallock Joins Intel As Senior Director of Technical Marketing

Robert Hallock
Robert Hallock (Image credit: Robert Hallock/LinkedIn)

Robert Hallock, who has been with AMD for over 12 years, has joined Intel as the new Senior Director of Technical Marketing. Hallock will focus on AI for consumer processors as part of his new position.

Hallock joined AMD in August 2010 and had been with the chipmaker until September 2022. Hallock started as a Product Marketing Manager and slowly climbed up the hierarchy ladder until he became the Director of Technical Marketing, a position he had held for two years and three months.

"After a restful sabbatical, I'm excited to announce my next adventure! Today I joined Intel Corporation as Senior Director of Technical Marketing, where I'll be focusing on AI for consumer processors.

I've always been happiest working on the next big thing in Client, and spending some time on AI is surely that. The PC is never boring, of course, but AI sure seems like an unusually unique moment. It's not often an all-new category of accelerator shows up, after all.

We are—all of us—on the cusp of transformative performance improvements for speech, text, music, images, video, and more. There's a fantastic team at Intel working to make those everyday experiences better, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!" wrote Hallock in his LinkedIn post.

Hallock had always been on the technical end of marketing AMD's products. So it wasn't surprising that Intel hired him as the company's Senior Director of Technical Marketing. Hallock was a beloved figure in AMD's fanbase as he was very active on social platforms, including Reddit, Discord, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter). He often provided helpful insight on the technical aspects of AMD's platforms, helped users with platform-related issues, and offered valuable information that sometimes isn't public.

Intel's holding its annual Intel Innovation event from September 19 to 20. The chipmaker has confirmed that the company will present its highly-anticipated Meteor Lake processors at the event. Intel will also present a new roadmap with a heavy emphasis on AI so that we may see Hallock in his first Intel event very soon.

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  • -Fran-
    All the best to him. He was great at AMD, at least from what I remember, so I'm sure he'll do great at Intel.

  • sivaseemakurthi
    When there is competition, employees benefit too, not just customers!