Psyonix Unveils Free Mutator And Hockey Updates For 'Rocket League'

Ever since the surge in popularity (mainly due to the fact that it was a free game for one month via PlayStation Plus), Psyonix's Rocket League continues to host thousands of matches between two groups of cars trying to shoot a large ball into the opposing team's goal. The base game already provides hours of intense gameplay, but the developers believe it isn't enough, with a plan to launch a free update in November.

The new update will introduce "Mutators," or modifiers to the game, adding more variety to your custom matches. You can introduce a Moonball gameplay, which not only adds an extra boost to your car, but reduces the gravity in the area to make scoring goals even more difficult. There's also a Demolition mode, which focuses more on the fact that even a small bump on an opposing car blows it up, and an option to enlarge the already-massive ball and give it the same physics as a light beach ball.

For those who enjoyed the game's predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (say that five times fast), the update also brings back a few classic modes such as Time Warp, and Cubic, which turns the spherical ball into a cube. Finally, Psyonix also created a playlist of games with the new features called Mutator Mashup so players can test them out before implementing them into their own private matches.

All of this comes in November, but the team also has plans to release a free December update as well. Instead of a list of features, the free DLC will be hockey-themed, turning the ball into a large puck and transforming the field into a large and slippery sheet of ice.


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