RPG by McFarlane, Salvatore Confirmed for 2011

EA and 38 Studios announced today that the upcoming open-world RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will arrive on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Fall 2011.

According to EA, the virtual world was created by New York Times best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore and brought to life in a visual sense by renowned artist Todd McFarlane (Spawn, Web of Spider-Man). To round out the development package, Ken Rolston of Big Huge Games, lead designer of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls III and IV, is heading the project.

While KoA:R sounds like it would be an awesome MMORPG, aparently gamers will only receive the single-player campaign treatment.

"In Reckoning, we started with Bob and Todd's exceptional Kingdoms of Amalur game setting and imagery," said Ken Rolston, Lead Designer at Big Huge Games, a subsidiary of 38 Studios. "On that foundation we built the open-world exploration, vast narrative and character customization fans expect from the best RPGs. And we've added something new that we've always wanted from the genre -- a fast-paced, graphically stimulating action combat experience with fluid control and immersive, discoverable gameplay fans haven't seen before in other fantasy RPGs."

EA and 38 Studios didn't offer any additional details on the upcoming RPG, saying only that Amalur is "a magical world, filled with strange landscapes, exotic cities, colorful characters and terrifying creatures," and that players will set out on a heroic journey to unlock the world's mysteries. More is expected to be revealed Thursday at Comic-Con along with a cinematic video launching on the website around the same time.

  • Assmar
    Let's hope they can think up a better name, but aside from that I'm a little intrigued. Then again, i haven't been that interested in McFarlane work since his Where the Wild Things Are toys a few years back.
  • zorky9
  • "While KoA:R sounds like it would be yet another crappy MMORPG, luckily gamers will be treated to a focused and carefully crafted single-player campaign."

  • Simple11
    Mmm I miss Todd McFarlane.
  • nomade85
    HOLY SH17! My Favorite author is going to make a game.
  • anamaniac
    Salvatore and McFarlane, mixed with the awesome of a lead dev from Elder Scrolls?
  • tharkis842
    Wow, this group should make an interesting story and game world. Very interested in seeing how this turns out.
  • False_Dmitry_II
    GFL"While KoA:R sounds like it would be yet another crappy MMORPG, luckily gamers will be treated to a focused and carefully crafted single-player campaign."FTFY.
    Thank god I'm not the only one who thought that.
  • exodite
    I'll certainly keep an eye out for this game but frankly comments such as
    ...a fast-paced, graphically stimulating action combat experience...
    always makes me wary.

    I'm personally old-school in that I prefer my RPGs turn-based and tactical.
  • mlcloud
    Did anyone else notice "roll playing" in the URL? I hope we all know the differences between roll and role ^^... unless we're talking about, you know, classic DnD style dice "rolls" here.