Surprise! There Will be an Octa-core SoC Samsung Galaxy S5

Last night, Samsung unveiled its long-awaited Galaxy S5 smartphone. Though the company was more than happy to talk about new features in the phone's software, it didn't get too specific about the Galaxy S5's hardware. We really wanted Samsung to talk more about the underlying hardware of the device, but we suspect that information is being saved for the launch of the phone in April. That said, we do have another tidbit of information for you guys.

According to an infographic released by Samsung late last night, there will actually be another version of the Galaxy S5 with an octa-core processor running the show. This processor will apparently be an Exynos clocked to 2.1 GHz.

While it's not unusual for Samsung to release two versions of its flagship device based on different processors for different markets, quad-core to octa-core is a pretty substantial difference on the spec sheet. We'd like to get our hands on these phones so we can test the performance on both, but the U.S. market will likely only get one variant of the phone, so we don't know how likely that will be.

No word on whether or not this second version of the phone will launch on April 11 with the Snapdragon 801 version. No doubt there will be a lot more information on this as the launch date draws closer.

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  • Cash091
    I'm pretty sure they got the specs wrong on the S3 AND S4 in this picture. The S3 has a dual core 1.5 Ghz CPU, and the S4 has a 5 in screen with a 1.9Ghz quad-core. Although, I guess there are quad core versions of the S3, I just have never seen them...
  • wemakeourfuture
    Won't even provide the same CPU architecture for all its customers = LameCopy Apple fingerprint feature = LameMake a phone that's thicker and heavier with no revolution in phone experience or design = Lame
  • MKBL
    Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, and others are not playing a contest for becoming the best innovator. They are in business to make money, the ultimate goal. If being lame can make money, it's not a sin. These days too many techie hobbyists are focused on being an INNOVATOR, not paying due attention to business aspect of the game. Sure, being innovative is one of the biggest traits to become a business leader, but not the only one or not necessarily sufficient.