Saygus Announces $599 Price Tag For V2 Smartphone, Extends Pre-Order Window

Earlier this week, Saygus teased details about its upcoming pre-order registration for the V2 smartphone, which was supposed to end today. However, the company pushed the registration date further, to next Monday 11:59 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) in an attempt to lure more customers by revealing a pre-order price as well as some of the accessories that early adopters will receive.

The company said that the price of the V2 would be below $600, and those who pre-order the V2 will pay $549. Customers will also get an additional battery and a replaceable glass screen protector. Those who want to wait until the official launch of the V2 will have to fork over $599 and miss out on the accessories.

Saygus' extension on pre-order registration alongside the new details could be the fuel it needs to get people excited about the V2. Its features, most notably the fact that it's possible to load another OS onto its MicroSD slot, surprised us at CES, and its price makes the phone a possible contender in the market. However, the startup has to deliver on what looks on paper like a dream phone to a final, working product, which is no small feat.

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