Seagate to Drop Barracuda XT, Green HDD Line

The Green series will be discontinued in February of next year as the company said that its new Barracuda drives have a "nearly identical power-consumption profile as energy-efficient desktop drives," but delivers much better performance. The flagship XT series will also disappear and will be folded into the general Barracuda lineup. However, Seagate said that it plans to reintroduce the Barracuda XT later on as the company’s desktop solid state hybrid drive.

Seagate said that the consolidation of product names will make it easier to find hard drives and help Seagate's OEMs and channel customers by reducing the complexity of their inventory.

The new Barracuda hard drive features a SATA 6 Gb/second interface, 7200 RPM platter spin speed and up to 64 MB cache. Seagate’s SmartAlign technology, a feature of Seagate’s Barracuda Green drives, will continue to ship with the flagship Barracuda drives, the company said.

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  • Darkerson
    Interesting, but I wonder how much they will cost, considering the shortages going on due to all the flooding in that region of the world. I was gonna get more drives at tax time, but I'll probably just get an SSD and stick with the two platter based drives I currently have. Anyway, cant wait for prices to go back down and larger models to come out.
  • ickarumba1
    Seagate has missed out an important aspect of low RPM drives: noise and vibration. When you have one HDD, it doesn't matter, but when you have 12 or so in a case, high RPM drives can lead to some trouble.

    Also, I wonder if they'll ramp up production of the other drives. I'd hate to see more people lose their jobs.
  • memadmax
    I dunno why they have a "green" series as we should all endeavor to have low power consumption in our equipment...