SIGGRAPH 2013: Scott Metzger, The Foundry, and Nvidia Demonstrate the Rise Project

At SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, CA, VFX artist and supervisor Scott Metzger used The Foundry's Mari and Modo to demonstrate a 3D scene reconstruction process using data derived from HDRI source images and LIDAR data.

Using several HDRI mirror ball images as well as additional HDRI stills, and LIDAR data for the scene, the scene was reconstructed in a might lower polygon version using The Foundry's Modo. The lower-polygon geometry was then imported into Mari, Foundry's GPU-accelerated 3D painting application, and the high-dynamic-range images were painted onto the geometry. Metzger and director David Karlak are using these techniques to reconstruct realistic locations for the upcoming film Rise.

The Foundry is a developer of high-end visual effects software, including Nuke, the industry standard for feature film compositing (originally developed at Digital Domain); Mari, their GPU-accelerated 3D painting software (originally developed at Weta Digital); Modo, their 3D animation software, and other applications related to visual effects and post-production pipelines.

  • eodeo
    It is more like a software/hardware commercial and less like a tech feat, but still fairly impressive.

    Thank you for sharing this!
  • rwinches
    What's with the hair? Really? Really?
    Cool SW though.
  • warezme
    Sorry, I was distracted by George McFly.
  • Draven35
    Still waiting for some more technical specs, but we're talking major texture loads (remember, the textures are all HDRI)