SiS begins mass production of P4 and AMD64 PCIe chipsets

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) offers three new chipsets for Intel's P4 and AMD's AMD64 platforms. The SiS656, SiS649, and SiS756 PCI Express chipsets support Intel processors with 800, 533, and 400 MHz FSB speeds, Dual Channel DDR2-667 and DDR-400 as well as Single Channel DDR2-533 and DDR-400 memory.

Mass production has begun recently, according to a statement released Thursday. Commercial availability of the chipsets is expected for March. The firm said it already scored several design wins with 26 motherboards, 23 desktop computers and three notebook computers integrating the chipsets.

SiS currently is Taiwan's only chipset manufacturer to have received PCI-SIG certification. (THG)

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