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Wanted: Smartphone & Tablet Writers For Tom's Hardware

I am incredibly proud of the editorial freedom we have here at Tom’s Hardware, of the effort our writers make on a daily basis to ensure your next purchase is informed by data, and our methodologies that evolve alongside technology. The team I work alongside has fun. We help each other out with our various specialties. And we thrive on interaction with the community, which feeds into our work and guides us in the technology we cover.

There are a lot of Tom’s Hardware writers you’ve been reading for years. We also have several new faces who we’ve met through our own forums, reddit, and friends of friends. And now we’re on the look-out for a few passionate enthusiasts to round out our growing roster.

Specifically, we want to bring on three freelance-based positions specializing in mobile (smartphone/tablet) coverage.

  • One of the positions requires in-depth knowledge of the current SoC and cellular modem landscape. The ideal candidate will be able to write feature-length and news coverage of embargoed products, and have a flexible-enough schedule to travel for briefings and technical deep-dive sessions when we need to be represented. Most of these are in the U.S., so living in North America is preferable. This position will have review opportunities as well, though its emphasis is lower-level.
  • Two positions are available reviewing the latest smartphones and tablets. Travel is not required. However, you’ll need to be in North America due to the complexities of product sampling. Be able to evaluate devices qualitatively and quantitatively. We’d like these reviewers to start with deep knowledge of iOS, Android, and WinRT, be able to run and critically analyze benchmarks, and adhere to inflexible deadlines.

If you’ve been published elsewhere and believe your work represents your depth of knowledge, please feel free to submit a link.

Otherwise, we’d like to see candidates for the specialist position demonstrate their breadth of knowledge in 2,000-4,000 characters, covering the SoC architecture of your choice. Also, include analysis of these three benchmark charts.

For the reviews positions, please send in 2,000-4,000 characters on the look and feel of a modern device to which you have access. Include at least one picture demonstrating your ability to capture relevant photography (this is a good benchmark for that), along with analysis of these three benchmark charts.

Our managing editor, Adam Overa, will be interviewing interested candidates, so please email him: aovera at techmedianetwork dot com.

Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.