Sony Makes its Smartwatch 2 More Customizable

On Tuesday Sony upgraded its Android-compatible Smartwatch 2, making it even more customizable than it was before. Actually, this update is probably the biggest yet since the watch's debut back in October 2014. If you remember, we took this device for a stroll and loved it… enough so that yours truly actually purchased the watch. I still love it, and even more now that Sony has released this update.

"This latest update represents a significant step forward in the capabilities of SmartWatch 2 and we’re very pleased in where we’ve brought the platform in terms of user experience," states Sony’s blog. "However, we’re always looking at new options in this sector and there are all sorts of exciting developments coming from our smart wearables teams."

The update, which can be downloaded from Google Play here, fixes a few bugs and brings forth a number of new features including customizing the watch face. Now users can add the date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery indicator and an alarm as well as a host of other options to the watch face. Sony reports that owners should keep an eye out for additional widgets and watch faces given the platform is open to third-party developers.

Also new to the Smartwatch 2 are wallpapers. Now users can decorate the Home screen with a choice of six… sorry, that’s all Sony offers. Still, it’s better than the drab default backdrop. In addition to the wallpapers, the company has also thrown in a native calculator so you’re not scratching your head trying to figure out a tip at a local restaurant.

"Thanks to some of your feedback, we’ve made some slight tweaks to the Gmail and Facebook functionality on SmartWatch 2," states Sony’s blog. "Tweaks include improving the Gmail synchronization between phone and watch, and making the posts on the Facebook app more ‘scrollable’. Have a look around and tell us what you think."

Other notable changes include a better notification drawer, allowing wearers to stroll through all events and mark them as read. Sony also tweaked the Bluetooth connection settings, allowing owners to turn off the vibration whenever Bluetooth connects and disconnects.

Sony’s blog states that the Smartwatch 2 now has over 400 dedicated apps listed on Google Play. That’s quite an impressive load of apps dedicated to just one device. “When we launched SmartWatch 2 our developer partners were pretty much averaging production at one extension a day,” states the blog.

For more information about Sony’s Smartwatch 2, head here.

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  • agnickolov
    "... since the watch's debut back in October 2014."

    Did this article travel back in time?
  • Zepid
    Make these watches round and I'll start being interested.