Sneak Peek: Tom's Holiday Photo Shoot

Every fall, the Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware teams work round the clock to find the best gifts

for you to give your friends and family. We choose gear for every type of techie--from system builders and gamers to style-conscious geeks. Our first gift guide will launch on the evening of November 16--Monday night.

The first guide will be chock full of perfect gifts for serious photographers, gamers-of-all-stripes, audiophiles and home theater nuts. In short, this one's for high-end gadget fans. For images and videos from our photo shoot with a familiar face modeling the gear, read on. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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  • spoofedpacket
    Wow, this is a new record. Three whole paragraphs before having to click 'Next' and read two more sentences before the next click.
  • Pei-chen
    I bestow upon Sarah the distinction of Hero of Socialist Labor for her exceptional achievements in national economy and culture.
  • Pei-chen
    BTW, I thought Jane said Sarah wasn't trimmed so how come

    "The 2009 guides will feature the return of Sarah, our former colleague, Tech Darling blogger, and longtime holiday gift guide model. We know you missed her--you told us so in the forums"?