Speedlink Releases Nintendo Switch Chargers, Screen Protectors, And More

Nintendo wants its upcoming Switch console to be used everywhere. Want to connect it to a TV and use it like a normal console? Go for it! Have a hankerin' for some Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the go? That's why it also works as a handheld device. The only problem is that portability doesn't come without risks--which is where Speedlink and the various Switch accessories it's releasing alongside the console are supposed to come in.

Carrying a device like the Switch around introduces two concerns: keeping it safe and making sure it doesn't lose its charge. Speedlink plans to address both problems with its accessories, which includes the Glance Screen Protection Kit with a bundled cleaning cloth and squegee for hard-to-reach spots.

Those tools will be available in two bundles. The first is a four-piece that includes a screen protector with squegee; a screen-cleaning cloth; silicone analog stick caps; and a "rugged carry case" that can hold up to four of the Switch's itty-bitty game cards. The second is a seven-piece bundle with...

Screen protector with squeegee2 x sets of silicone analog-stick capsRugged carry case for four game cardsHigh-quality screen-cleaning clothCharging cable for any USB port (3m)In-ear headphones with 3.5mm jack for great stereo sound

Either bundle--or just the screen protectors themselves--might appeal to Switch owners worried about scratching up the console. Nintendo's products are durable (the original NES controllers were nigh indestructible) but carrying around a 6.2" tablet with detachable controllers is brand new territory.

Switch owners might also worry about the console's battery running out in the middle of a play session. Nobody wants Link to be killed by some Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild simply because they forgot to charge the Switch before hopping on a plane or heading to a nearby café or something.

Speedlink tried to address those concerns with the Rod USB Car Adapter, which will charge the Switch via a vehicle's 12V socket, and the Stream Play & Charge USB Charging Cable that allows for simultaneous charging and gaming. Both could make it easier to keep the Switch's battery topped off.

That problem might be a bigger deal than some people think. Nintendo said in the console's spec sheet that battery life in handheld mode depends on the game that's being played. Breath of the Wild, for instance, can be played for "roughly three hours on a single charge." Given that the Switch's battery can't be removed, gamers will have to find creative ways to make sure they can play the Switch's flagship launch title for more than a few hours.

Speedlink isn't the only company getting into the Switch accessory game a little early. Snakebyte did the same in January. As we reported at the time:

The company announced two accessories--a foldable headset with 40mm drivers that's meant to provide decent sound quality while using Switch as a handheld device, and a "starter kit" filled with accessories. That bundle includes game cases, a screen protector, stereo earbuds, a cleaning cloth, control caps, and a carry bag to "allow for an enhanced gaming experience" and protect the device.

The Switch will make its debut on March 3. Pre-orders have been sold out at various retailers for months, but GameStop said that it will have a limited supply available to walk-in customers, provided they make it to one of the company's midnight launch events. Speedlink said the accessories will be available from Amazon and "retail stores" by the end of February but didn't say how much they'll cost. (A quick Amazon search didn't turn up anything.)

Nathaniel Mott
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