SteelSeries iOS Game Controller to Launch at $79.99

At CES earlier this month, SteelSeries introduced us to its new Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller. We got a lovely demo from the guys at SteelSeries who told us the controller was already up for pre-order for $99. Unfortunately, the company wasn't able to tell us when it would actually be available.


Well, it turns out, the launch was a lot closer than we thought. The company officially released the controller today. Not only that, but SteelSeries has shaved a few dollars off the price tag, too. The company doesn't give much of a reason for the price drop other than it wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

"We have therefore worked closely with our retail partners and suppliers with the objective of lowering the retail price target without changing any of the terrific features of this product."

We definitely balked at the price of the Stratus when we first heard about it, so the drop is definitely welcome. Over all, we felt that the device would be better suited for iPad gaming than iPhone gaming, as the Stratus doesn't actually hold your phone like competing products (such as the MOGA), so you'll be propping your iOS device up on the table in front of you as you play. Might as well prop up your iPad in its case as opposed to your iPhone.

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  • greghome
    Funny how any high powered Android Device is only an OTG cable away from such functionality
  • hitman40
    @greghome, well cable or not, it's all left up to developers to implement gamepad controls at this point. Plus, you don't even need to buy this gamepad if you jailbreak your iphone and use your ps3 controller with it now.
  • berto808
    If you buy an iphone Lightening Cable extender, you can hook up the MOGA Apple controller to your ipad. Now you have a controller that fits your phone and works on your tablet, too. No jailbreak needed.
  • flopierandom
    why would you want to play candy crush with a controller?