Fight The Supernatural In Rebellion's 'Strange Brigade'

After its work on Sniper Elite 4, Rebellion is coming out with a four-player co-op game called Strange Brigade, where you’ll take on many supernatural beings in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Rebellion’s short trailer for the upcoming game showed off some of the levels (Rebellion classified the setting as the “remote corners of the British Empire”) you’ll encounter in the game which feature crumbling ruins, underground tombs, and deserted towns. However, these places have danger lurking in every corner. Aside from the undead minions you’ll encounter, there are dark forces at work that can summon deadly and massive creatures like a bull-like figure wielding a scythe or a towering jackal that looks very similar to the Egyptian god Anubis, who is associated with death and the afterlife. 

The trailer showed a group of four players fighting against the enemy, but you'll also be able to fight alone, as the game supports one to four players. Each character in the game has a different weapon and supernatural power to use in combat so each playthrough can be different based on the person you choose.

The game seems to resemble Rebellion’s previous work on Nazi Zombie Army, which borrowed mechanics from the Sniper Elite series but traded the main game’s stealth-oriented gameplay for action-packed terror so you had to constantly evade and take out undead Nazis. We know that Strange Brigade will also be a third-person shooter, but it’s unclear if it will also have mechanics in the similar vein as Rebellion’s sniper games.

The studio didn’t come out with a release date yet, but it does plan to show off the game next week in Los Angeles as part of the E3 festivities.

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NameStrange Brigade
TypeAction/Adventure, Horror
DeveloperRebellion Developments
PublisherRebellion Developments
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Where To BuySteam
Release DateN/A