Super Talent's 512 GB SSD is Nearly $1,500

Super Talent has let loose its new MasterDrive RX family of Solid State Drives in capacities up to 512 GB.

While many computer enthusiasts are looking towards the top-end CPU or GPU as the best upgrade to make their system faster, we’re of the opinion that an SSD could be the most meaningful performance booster to any rig. Using an SSD instead of the average HDD helps to alleviate one of the biggest bottlenecks in your system -- fetching data from storage.

Of course, like all the other high-end upgrades, going for a quality SSD isn’t cheap. In fact, an SSD that’s comparable in capacity to what you have right now could run a bill that’s the cost of your entire computer. But hey, you gotta pay to play.

Case in point: Super Talent’s 512 GB MasterDrive RX retails for $1,449. Of course, it has smaller siblings, which also uses MLC NAND, in sizes of 128 GB and 256 GB. The MasterDrive RX MLC drives feature a sequential read speed of 230 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 160 MB/s.

Those who demand more speed (and have the cash) will have to look to Super Talent’s SLC MasterDrive RX, which come only in 128 GB and 256 GB versions with read/write of 230 MB/s and 200 MB/s, respectively.

The 512 GB MasterDrive RX is already available for sale, but the rest of the line has yet to be released or priced.

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  • Dmerc
    Wish I could afford one. Wonder how long it will take for the price to come down?
  • Pei-chen
    Fast but I wonder if computer bottleneck will slow it down. Notebook always seems slow even after I upgraded the HDD to 7200 rpm from 5400 rpm.
  • sot010174
    What I don't like about SSD's is those DATA TRIM, Cell recycle problems. I don't want to pay US$1500,00 for a thing that degrades performance over time. I think your best bet is to get one 64GB Intel SSD and install your OS on it, and have all the other type of data on a proven, old, slow spinning platter drive. How much for a 1.5TB disc today? 100 bucks? And if I keep it for, say, 2 years, and run a defrag on it, it will perform just like new, not requiring a full format. But thats just me. And then 512GB for 1500? I prefer buying 10 discs and run them in Raid 10 lol...