System Builder Meme Promo

Now she wants to know what kind of rig she needs that will let her pWn legions of n00bz in Call of Duty and run Crysis 8 at max spec with full anti-aliasing when it comes out.  "You are good with computers..." your Aunt Ida observes.  "What kind should I get?"
That's why we created the Tom's Hardware System Builder. You can toss Aunt Ida a simple URL to a sweet new build and be done with it. To promote our new system builder app (and just for fun), we're turning to you for the most hilarious meme-worthy motivational poster you can create using these two images of dear ol' Aunt Ida. There aren’t any big prizes this time around, but if your submission is awesome enough, we may use it as the official promo!
The requirements are simple:
1. Use the two images here ( and here (  to start.
2. Go to the following URL:
3. Build your caption poster! Be sure to include the words "Aunt Ida" and "Tom's Hardware System Builder" somewhere in there.
4. Save that sucker and upload it somewhere that allows linking.
5. Respond to this thread with your image.
As an aside, if your caption makes us totally crack up, we'll send you one of the coveted and oh-so-popular Tom's Hardware Hammers.
Let the mayhem begin!
-Joe Pishgar
Community Manager

Joe Pishgar
Joe Pishgar is the Community Director of Tom's Hardware US. He oversees the number one tech enthusiast forum in the world.
  • sephirothmk
  • kj3639
  • injected_metal

    EDIT: Gimme a hammer please!
  • Trialsking
    nice one!
  • adriangb
  • Cache
  • eklipz330

    don't hide from the truth lol
  • CaedenV
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    EDIT: here's the new (and better) one:

    Tom's Hammer (hopefully) here I come! :p
  • kevin83
    There you go!