'Last Stand' Expansion For 'The Division' Focuses On PvP Gameplay

Ubisoft revealed more about the last planned expansion for The Division during a Twitch livestream.

The expansion, titled “Last Stand,” was teased yesterday, and it showed two groups of players about to fight each other. This player-versus-player (PvP) conflict is the main element of the expansion. Inside the PvP-focused Dark Zone, you can join a match that features eight-versus-eight competitive gameplay. These two teams will fight over three zones, appropriately called A, B, and C. In order to take over each zone, a team must complete a series of objectives within the area. With each zone claimed the team will gain points, and the first team to reach a specified number of points wins the game.

Even though the game is mainly focused on PvP, there are some AI opponents that you can take on as well, and notable landmarks in each area host tough enemies. Killing these enemies will provide you with Shade Tech points, which you can use to bolster the defenses of your claimed zone with a pulse beacon to detect enemies as well as turrets to take them down. Your foes can destroy the fortifications, however, so it’s best to keep a close watch on your defenses as you progress through the match.

Unlike the traditional PvP gameplay in the Dark Zone, you don’t lose any Dark Zone rank or credits, as this Domination-like mode is separate from the rest of the PvP experience. Most gameplay in The Division is gear-based, which means that your items determine your overall power and toughness, but it seems that this new multiplayer mode will be skill-based, so if you want to excel in it, you’ll need to improve your reaction times.

This new mode will be playable in a new area of the Dark Zone colloquially known as “DZ North,” as these three new areas expand beyond the north border of the current space. You can also use these three areas as a way to hunt for even more precious items, but as always, be wary of other players who might try to take them from you.

Other upcoming plans were also teased, including the addition of a new Incursion mission as well as more content for those who prefer playing against the enemy AI. These will comes as part of a new update, version 1.6, but a release date for the new expansion and the update was not announced.

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  • Mark_283
    I stopped playing this in June. Few players on line, not a lot to do. It was a great idea at launch, but very buggy.
  • bak0n
    Couldn't stand PvP in it. Couldn't stand the vulgarities that seemed just to be thrown in to just add it as well. Sure I get shot at or shot, I might swear. But to debrief a government cop I wouldn't be unless my vocabulary with an insignificant bag of peanuts.
  • Drazek
    I really like The Division, but i'm really disappointed that they have tried to focus on PvP so much. - The Division wants to be a really awesome coop PvE experience, and they need to focus on the PvE side of the game.

    There's too much missing story, and lack of end game content, no raids (incursions aren't raids), etc. - if they stopped trying to cater for PvP and ruining the loot bonuses by trying to make everything 'fair' and concentrated more on some really good PvE content.. then this game would have been a lot more enjoyable and I probably would still be playing it now.

    As it is, Underground was good... but highly Repetitive after the first 10 times. Survival was good... but boring as hell after the first 2 times... *sigh*
  • WildCard999
    19181933 said:
    I stopped playing this in June. Few players on line, not a lot to do. It was a great idea at launch, but very buggy.

    Update 1.5 made the game much better performance wise from what I've heard (started post 1.5). Although I do wish there were a few more players its not too hard to find of ppl to play with in safe-houses or even in dark zones.