Distant World: 'The Solus Project' Combines Sci-Fi, Mystery And Survival

Isolation is terrifying, and even more so when you’re in a strange place. In Teotl Studios’ The Solus Project, you’re the lone survivor of a spaceship crash on the planet Gliese-6143-C, and you must survive and explore your new surroundings.

To make matters worse, your crew was supposed to be humanity’s last hope in finding a new colony. The people on Earth are almost extinct and the original mission was to find a new planet that could sustain human life. With the rest of the crew dead, you’ll have to explore your new surroundings, survive, and hopefully send a message back home.

According to the developers, the biggest difference between The Solus Project and other survival-based titles is that it’s not a sprawling open world. Instead, it has a linear experience throughout its ten levels, but there’s some room to explore various nook and crannies.

Exploration is crucial to the game because you soon discover that you’re not the first person to land on this planet. Grand structures and subterranean tombs are still around, but its builders, a race of alien-like beings, are all dead. You’ll have to solve various puzzles left behind by the previous civilization in order to unravel its history.

Survival also plays a big factor in this journey, and you’ll have to use the environment as well as the scattered debris of your ship in order to survive. Your body will also respond to various changes, such as the lack of sleep, overall planet humidity, and even walking uphill. The planet is brutal, with temperatures up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) during the day that drop to a frigid -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degress Celsius) at night. It also features various weather phenomena such as meteor showers, tornadoes and lightning.

At the forefront of The Solus Projectis survival, and if you manage to stay alive, there’s still the mystery of the ancient race that died on the planet. Gliese-6143-C is a dangerous place, but it seems to hold more secrets underneath its surface.

The game will be available on PC and Xbox One and lands on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview early next month. The final release date is scheduled for Q2 2016.

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  • IronJaeget
    How can they steal the name of Solus Project like that?!! Shame on them
  • lun471k
    I don't know for the name, but the concept seem interesting! I'll play that game.