Toshiba Prototype Batteries: Stronger, Better Than Li-ion

One of the biggest deal breakers when purchasing notebooks, or any portable device, is how long the battery will last you. Short battery life and long charging times usually drive the mobile user to purchase a second battery, sometimes even a third.

On that note, Toshiba has some good news for those of you always on the run. Toshiba has shown off a prototype Super Charge Ion Battery (SCiB) designed for notebooks. Toshiba also commented that the technology is still a little ways off from making its way into computers – but not too far.

SCiB are designed to recharge up to 90 percent capacity within up to 10 minutes – they also last longer and endure more charging cycles than current lithium-ion based batteries. SCiB are also considered to be safer since they will not explode when crushed or compromised. The materials used in SCiB have a much higher level of thermal stability and also have better safe-guarding against short-circuiting and over-heating.

In terms of charging cycles – standard lithium-ion batteries weigh in around 500 charging cycles before needing replacement, on average. SCiB apparently weigh in somewhere between 5000 to 6000 recharge cycles which is huge step forward for portable computing.

If SCiB proves to be what the hype says it is, you can guarantee that this battery technology will more than likely find its way into products with static batteries (not removable) such as many of Apples products. One would expect that the cost of portable media player would increase somewhat since the manufacturer would lose out a little on battery replacement programs.

  • I'd love to see these batteries in plug-in electric cars.. such as the tesla and the volt

  • timaahhh
    Indeed! I'm impressed with Toshiba.
  • divpers
    These batteries are not a new technology and are in use in many devices.

    They are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) and are far superior to the Ion.

    High Discharge Rate Capability
    Among the best for all high power output demands

    Extraordinary Long Cycle Life: 5-7 years
    Achieves up to 2000 cycles per life-over 7 times the life of
    Lead Acid and 3 times of NIMH and 3-4 times of LI-MN battery.

    Long Service Life
    Over 6-7 years-up to 2000 cycles (80% DOD)

    Rapid Charging Ability
    2C fast charge 85% within half hour

    No memory effect
    Nickel Batteries exhibit memory problems

    Environmentally Friendly
    Non-toxic, Non-contaminating-no rare metals, UL, CE,
    SGS/ROHS approved. Easy to dispose of.... No Heavy Metals.
  • On every positive thing there's usually a drawback...
    I mean, are you sure those batteries aren't nuclear? lol...

    Anyways I thought standard Lithium batteries usually need replacement between every 1000 to 4000 recharges, not every 500.

    It kind of depends on what quality of battery you get, and the size. Smaller batteries last less long then larger batteries.

    In any case Lithium batteries usually last at least 3 years.

    Like said, the drawback may be in weight, size, or just very environment unfriendly...
    It's easy to only sell the good points.

    BTW, talking about the VOLT, I had to think about electric motorcycles.
    there are electric motorcycles available that will run 5 years on LI-Ion batteries before they need replacement (need a recharge once every 1,5 days, talking about driving 40 miles per day).
    In that aspect the chevy Volt which lasts ?45 miles ? per charge needs a recharge every day, and lasts only 3,3 years.

    In this case the electric vehicle has driven 300 days/year 40 miles/day.
    For the Volt that'd be 80% of battery usage for 3,something years,and has a recharge cycle of 900 charges.
    900 Charges are identical to the electric motorcycle.
  • lamorpa
    What company is this 'Apples'? As in, "such as many of Apples products." Or did you mean to use the correct phrase "such as many of Apple's products." I would recommend limiting the writing of articles to people with writing skills.
  • daft
    these sound a little like the nanotitanate batteries i've been waiting for about 3 years now..... but how long does the average charge last?
  • estreetguy
    *What company is this 'Apples'? As in, "such as many of Apples products." Or did you mean to use the correct phrase "such as many of Apple's products." I would recommend limiting the writing of articles to people with writing skills.*, because that was worth posting. Take your epic failing somewhere else.
  • lamorpa
    Don't you mean 'somewheres else'?
  • zarksentinel
    tell me the price :)