'Tunic' Is A Foxy 'Zelda'-Like Game Hitting PC, Mac, Consoles In 2018

Do you ever reminisce about how games used to be made? We do. We developed a fondness for the Zelda franchise as children when we first played Ocarina of Time. As we got older, we went back to the series’s roots by playing the original Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past, and quickly fell in love with the early franchise’s charm. Nowadays, few games evoke a similar emotion. That silence was broken earlier this week when Tunic was showcased during the PC Gaming Show. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that Tunic was also going to make an appearance at the Media Indie Exchange?

Tunic is an upcoming bird's-eye view action adventure RPG from Finji. In Tunic, you control a cute fox wearing a green tunic (if that isn't an obvious Zelda reference, we don't know what is). You wash up on a mysterious island and have to find the means to defend yourself. Initially, you'll find a stick, which does poor damage and cannot be swung efficiently. As you progress through the demo, you'll eventually find a sword and a shield, which makes combat slightly more bearable. We say "slightly" because quite a few enemies have attack patterns that require precise timing to combat (Dark Souls fans, rejoice!) 

TUNIC Announcement - E3 2017

The art style is cutesy enough to attract casual fans, but the emphasis on exploration, puzzle solving, and combat is gratifying enough to captivate so-called hardcore gamers. There are also a ton of hidden passageways and secrets to keep completionist gamers busy for hours on end. The demo alone has nearly four hours of content, so we can't wait to see what the full game has to offer.

Tunic will debut in 2018 on PC, Mac, and consoles, although the exact consoles haven't been specified.

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