Patent Shows Amazon's Design for Two-Sided Tablet

Mashable has uncovered a patent awarded to Amazon -- called Multi-Display Type Device Interactions -- that reveals a tablet design sporting a screen on each side. The patent suggests that one screen will be e-ink-based for static reading, while the other will be LCD-based and optimized for watching video. A camera will also be embedded on each side to determine which screen the user is currently using.

"A device might alternatively utilize at least one camera to determine which side of the device is facing the user, and might activate the display on that side of the device to convey content," the patent reads. "A device might display notifications on an edge of the device, such that a current orientation of the device might be less important."

According to the patent, each display will be touch sensitive so that the user can move content between the two screens. Battery consumption will actually be improved, as slow-moving to non-moving content will be shifted to the e-ink screen.

"An electronic device including two or more display elements can provide enhanced functionality with improved rates of power consumption," the filing reads. "A user can cause information that does not change rapidly to be provided or moved to a relatively static display element, such as an electronic ink display, which enables that information to be displayed for a period of time with little additional power consumption."

The patent was filed by Amazon Technologies in Reno, Nevada on February 25, 2011 and finally granted on August 30, 2012. That said, don't expect to see a dual-screen Kindle Fire appear during Amazon's big reveal next week. If anything, maybe this will be the Kindle Fire 3 design for 2013, possibly eliminating the base Kindle device for good.


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  • zoenphlux
    Its like a Paradox. No mater how or where you lay it, a screen is at risk.
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  • zoenphlux
    Its like a Paradox. No mater how or where you lay it, a screen is at risk.
  • zoenphlux
    This just seems like a Customer Service nightmare. TWICE the chances to break it. TWICE as much time cleaning the screens. TWICE the chances to be letdown by android. lol jk on the last part.
  • NuclearShadow
    It is just a bad idea with little practical use and no doubt going to cause a much higher price tag. Because of this it will also need a locking system that cannot be accidentally done on the other side which means it will be a annoying one when you actually do want to unlock it. Tablets should he handled as gently as a baby too, and with two screens for each side... I would never feel comfortable resting it anywhere.