Sony Shows Off 16 Minutes Of 'Uncharted 4' Gameplay

If you need more Uncharted 4: A Thief's End content, then Sony’s latest video might be of some use. The company just released a 16-minute gameplay video that shows footage of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure.

A Muddy, Open Road

Most of the video showed Nathan, his longtime-friend Sully, and Nathan’s brother Sam riding in a 4x4 vehicle across the muddy Madagascar terrain. The trio are in search of the treasure hidden by the legendary pirate Henry Avery, which they believe is located inside a volcano.

Aside from the looming volcano, the area is filled with hills and small patches of grass, and the ground is riddled with mud. On more than one occasion, Nathan had some difficulty driving the 4x4 up multiple inclines due to the combination of the slope and mud.

You'll also notice is that this area is massive, and it seems that you have more ground to cover (and explore) than in previous games. However, this latest installation in the series is still holding on to its linear level design, so there are some limitations to how far you can stray from the game’s intended path.

Exploring every nook and cranny does grant you some rewards in the form of artifacts and journal entries. These aren’t new to the series, but they still provide some insight to the past while also fleshing out the finer details on the treasure that Nathan and company are pursuing.

Sneak Around, Then Fight

It’s not until the final five minutes that we get to see some combat. Nathan and his compatriots encounter a group enemies in an abandoned tower, and they take out enemies one by one.

Nathan’s newest tool is a grappling hook, which he uses to traverse between rooftops or to reach the opposite side of a tower. The hook also works as a wind-up attack. He can swing towards the enemy and use the momentum from the grappling hook to execute a devastating punch from above.

The Countdown Continues

This video is the latest batch of content released from Sony and the game’s development team at Naughty Dogin order to build excitement for Nathan Drake’s final adventure. The game comes out on May 10.

The road to the game’s launch wasn’t easy for Sony and Naughty Dog. The game was initially supposed to come out last fall, but it was pushed back to March 18 to allow for more development time. Last December, the game was delayed again to April 26 because certain scenes required “extra resources.” Last month, the May 10 release date was announced. The extra two weeks would allow more manufacturing time to ensure that there were enough copies available to meet demands.

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  • wifiburger
    looks amazing and I found uncharted 1 / 2 to look very good on the ps3,
    got the deluxe edition pre-ordered and can't wait to play some multiplayer
  • Darkk
    Got mine on pre-order!!
  • urbanman2004
    thanks naughty dog